SEAP’s effect

There are several positive examples in neighboring countries showing the way sustainability guided settlements to success. These early adopter settlements achieved Ecotourism and they created new jobs in the renewable energy segment. By applying high-tech solutions new industrial companies and financial sources were attracted to these cities. In such an innovative business environment these industry players had the possibility to enter to the renewable energy market as developers.

SEAP's effect

These settlements are the most successful in the European Union and in the World, apparently founding the balance between economy, security of energy supply and the coexistence with nature.

SEAP’s effect and the expected consequences of the use of energy strategy:

– Jobs in renewable and energy efficiency sector (locally produced energy creates local jobs and develops local economy)
– The population of the settlement becomes younger by the attraction of energy self-sufficient family housing area
– Eco tourism development (the outstanding settlements could be the center of the regional renewable energy industry generating Eco tourism)

Successfull settlements using renewables: